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Inflatable Hot Tub Puncture Repairs, Servicing and Hot Tub Repair kits

Inflatable hot tub puncture repairs for Doncaster and across the UK. LayZrepair offer an affordable repair service for all inflatable hot tubs like lay-Z-spa, Intex, Wave, Mspa, Cleverspa, Cosyspa or any inflatable hot tub. we also repair punctures for inflatable kayak Puncture repairs and paddle boards.

Nationwide Collect & Return for Repairs

Looking for an easy way to repair your hot tub or kayak? LayZrepair offers a convenient collection and return service across the UK for all your hot tub and kayak service and repair needs. We provide next-day collection though DHL from Monday to Friday, and once your hot tub motor or liner is repaired, it will be promptly returned to you. Say goodbye to the hassle of hot tub repairs. Explore our selection of two-colored hot tub puncture repair kits that are perfectly matched to your brand and model of inflatable hot tub. We even offer a clear patch option for those instances when you can’t find an exact color match for your inflatable hot tub puncture. Repair with confidence using LayZrepair.


Inflatable Hot Tub Repair
£ 59
  • Punctures
  • Tears and Rips
  • Error codes fixed

Puncture Kits

Easy to use, support available
£ 14
  • Free Phone Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Help Videos
Best Seller


Inflatable Hot Tub Servicing
£ 59
  • Heater Descale
  • Water pump refurbished
  • Full safety check

Hot Tub Repair Kits for Vinyl & PVC Hot Tubs & Kayaks Punctures

FULL help and SUPPORT are available from LayZrepair after the purchase of your hot tub repair kits. this includes online help to locate and repair your puncture with any LayZrepair hot tub repair kit. 

Order before 1 pm for next day UK delivery

Worldwide Shipping for Hot Tub Repair Kits
Repairs up to 12 punctures with one repair kit!

Fast & Affordable Collect & Return Repairs Nationwide

order your collection today for your hot tub service or repairs and your tub will be collected tomorrow and returned back to you super fast repaired and ready to enjoy! No drama No fuss and affordable.

Puncture Repair with Full Motor Service Combos SAVE £30

Have a hot tub puncture? then why not get your motor unit serviced and refurbished at the same time? you also save £30 with the amazing combo offer. the price includes all shipping. x1 puncture repair and a full motor service. 

inflatable hot tub repair

Collect and Return Service available for Hot Tub Motor Service and Repairs

Hot Tub Cleaning Service


Recommended every 3 Months
£ 139
3 Monthly
  • Water Change
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Filter Clean


Recommended every 3 Months
£ 189
3 Monthly
  • Water Change
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Filter Clean
  • Full System Flush


Perfect Yearly Package
£ 239
  • Water Change
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Clean Filter
  • Full System Flush
  • Full Jet Wash


Ultimate Package
£ 289
  • Water Change
  • Chemical Treatment
  • New Filter
  • Full System Flush
  • Full Steam Clean
  • Shell Polish
  • Full Internal Inspection
hot tub cleaning service doncaster

Hot Tub Cleaning Service

LayZrepair offer an professional hot tub cleaning service in Doncaster and surrounding areas, bespoke weekly/monthly contracts available, swim spa cleaning and also dual spa services available, get in touch today to find out more.

Inflatable kayak Puncture Repairs

LayZrepair also offer a professional inflatable kayak puncture repair service, purchase the easy to use collect and return service for your kayak puncture repair or purchase one of the colour matched inflatable kayak puncture repair kit here on the website. All of the kayak puncture repair kits come with full help and support to get you and your kayak back out on the water with no fuss and with a professional neat repair for your kayak, All kits come with a easy to follow video to help repair your inflatable kayak puncture.

Worldwide Shipping for Kayak Repair Kits

Although LayZrepair inflatable hot tub puncture repairs are located in Doncaster, I also service and repair your heater units via post from across the UK. I always aim for a super fast turnaround time as I understand we all love our hot tub time.

If your portable spa hot tub is too large to send for my inflatable hot tub puncture repair service? then check out my inflatable hot tub repair kit.

Please use the quick contact form below if you require more information. for some great tips, subscribe to the LayZrepair Youtube channel.  HERE. 

LayZrepair offer an affordable reliable and professional inflatable hot tub repair service, try out the Click and we collect service for your hot tub repairs and servicing today. 

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Inflatable Hot Tub Puncture Repairs

I am LayZrepair inflatable hot tub puncture repairs and servicing,

I have noticed within the last few years a steady increase in inflatable hot tubs going to landfills. so using my skill for repairing inflatable hot tubs I set up LayZrepair.

Here at LayZrepair inflatable hot tub repairs, I offer professional hot tub puncture repairs, also tears rips and air tunnel repairs. All puncture repairs come with a huge 18-month warranty, even if the manufacturer does not offer this. LayZrepair inflatable hot tub repairs also offer service and fault finding and repairs on all faults for your heater units.



Behaviours are changing all the time, the throwaway culture is now moving towards a culture of reuse. ALL inflatable hot tubs are NOT recyclable so they always end up in a landfill.  from just £40 LayZrepair can save your hot tub from the landfill. there are many types of glue kits and patches available to purchase online. seldom do they last for a long period of time or even work! here you can purchase the LayZrepair hot tub repair kit for your hot tub punctures, rips and tears. or have me fix your hot tub for you, LayZrepair inflatable hot tub puncture repairs service comes with a huge 18-month warranty on every puncture repair and 30 day warranty on our refurbished hot tubs, All refurbished hot tubs come with our FREE winter covers worth £40. Why buy new.

Dealing with your inflatable hot tub manufacturer sometimes can be frustrating and the timescales can be drawn out. here at LayZrepair i aim to repair your inflatable hot tub with a fast turnaround at an affordable price. with today’s rising living costs servicing your inflatable hot tub is essential to keep your hot tub running efficiently thus keeping your energy bill down to an affordable limit. check out more here about our inflatable hot tub servicing. 

LayZrepair is located in Doncaster South Yorkshire where we are number one for inflatable hot tub repairs and servicing, however, we also provide our unbeaten service across the UK, even if your hot tub is too large to send to LayZrepair, not to worry as you can purchase one of the Inflatable hot tub repair home kits from us here. with full support and instructions on how to repair your hot tub at home. we have it covered. 

Error Code E02 Repair Kit

If you own a Lay-Z-Spa, you may encounter an error code E02. This can be a frustrating experience, especially if you’re looking forward to relaxing in your spa. However, it’s important to understand what this error code means and how to fix it. In this SEO text, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about Lay-Z-Spa error code E02.

What is Lay-Z-Spa Error Code E02?

Lay-Z-Spa error code E02 indicates that the water flow in your spa has been obstructed. This obstruction could be due to a clogged filter, airlock, or low water level. When this error code appears on your spa’s control panel, it means that the water isn’t circulating properly, which could result in your spa’s pump overheating and potentially causing damage.

How to Fix Lay-Z-Spa Error Code E02?

The good news is that Lay-Z-Spa error code E02 is usually easy to fix. Here are some simple steps you can take to resolve the issue:

Check the Water Level: Make sure the water level in your spa is high enough to allow proper water flow. If the water level is low, add more water until it reaches the correct level.

Clean the Filter: A clogged filter is a common cause of Lay-Z-Spa error code E02. Remove the filter and clean it thoroughly to ensure that there is no debris blocking the water flow. You can also replace the filter if it is damaged or worn out.

Release Airlocks: Airlocks can also obstruct the water flow in your spa. To release any airlocks, turn off your spa’s power and open the air release valve on the pump. Once the air is released, close the valve and turn on the power again.

Check the Pump: If none of the above steps work, you may need to check the pump. The pump may be damaged or faulty, and you may need to replace it.


Lay-Z-Spa error code E02 is a common issue that can be easily resolved. By following the simple steps outlined in this SEO text, you can fix the issue and enjoy your spa again. However, if you are unable to fix the issue yourself, it’s best to seek professional help. With the right maintenance and care, your Lay-Z-Spa can provide you with many years of relaxation and enjoyment.




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