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Got a Tear or a Puncture? Here are the Best Puncture Repair kits to fix a leak

There is nothing worse than having to repair a tear in your spa and using a repair kit that lets you down,  We’re here to show you which is the best hot tub repair kit on the market and how they can just save your jacuzzi for a number of years!

How to Choose a Hot Tub Puncture Repair kit

When dealing with a hot tub rip or puncture, the size of the leak plays a role in the repair kit you choose. If you have just a small puncture or minor tear or rip, you won’t need as much sealant as if you have a larger rip or hole in your hot tub. When you repair a hole in a hot tub, you need to be sure you securely seal the problem so that you are not back to square one once you put the air and water back in.If you have a large air leak, you may want a kit that comes with a large permanent repair patch, but if it’s a small puncture hole, a kit with a small squeeze bottle is probably a better fit. The material your Spa is constructed from is important to consider. If you have an inflatable hot tub, you want something that repairs the puncture hole or tear, but that also matches the colour of the spa so that you can’t notice it once it is fixed. If you need an inflatable repair kit, the sealant will be different and will be more focused on the repair rather than the appearance since it will likely blend in with the surface of the spa.

PVC Vinyl Repair kits

This vinyl PVC kit is the perfect solution to fix any slight tears or serious holes in your spa. It is permanent and extremely durable with some customers saying how it fixed patches for years. It is fully waterproof meaning a confident repair below the water line, Various colour patches are available to blend with the colour of your spa.

Best Hot Tub Repair Kits



Video Tutorial

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Benefits of Hot Tub Repair kits

It’s a lot cheaper

The main benefit of hot tub puncture repair is the do-it-yourself perks. You can get the repair done within your own time without having to find an inflatable hot tub repair service. You can also save quite a bit of money by fixing a hot tub puncture yourself. For just the cost of the kit, you can solve the problem without having to pay for labour and a service call. Finally, a do it yourself job enables you to continue using your hot tub and prolongs its overall lifespan.

How to use a Repair Kit

When you are ready to do repairs on your hot tub, it’s vital to follow the pool repair instructions that come with the kit you choose. This ensures that the puncture or leak is properly fixed and doesn’t lead to further problems. At the same time, it’s important to refer to the owner’s manual for your hot tub as well to be sure you’ve chosen the appropriate patching kit and that you aren’t going to cause further damage by repairing the problem yourself.