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CleverSpa Replacement

brand new Cleverspa replacement parts with full 2 year warranty.

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2 year warranty with all clever spa replacement parts

CleverSpa replacement parts for your hot tub needs. Our brand new, innovative components ensure optimal performance and lasting enjoyment for your CleverSpa experience,

Why Buy New?

Sure you can purchase used cleverSpa parts taken from hot tubs that you have no idea on the history of that part, also no come back if that part fails 1 or 2 months after installation. With the purchase of the New cleverSpa replacement parts from layZrepair insures peace of mind with the 2 Year warranty. 


After purchase of your Cleverspa replacement part, full help and support is offered to guide you through installation, so not only do you get 2 years warranty for peace of mind hot tubbin. You get help along the way to instal your brand new CleverSpa replacement part. 


All inflatable hot tub puncture repairs are pressure tested and checked over a minimum 24 hour period before returning back to our customers, Delivering quality service and peace of mind.