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find a puncture in my hot tub

Find a Puncture in my Hot Tub

When i first experienced the whole issue how to find a puncture in my hot tub i had no ideas how frustrating and long drawn out process this would be. 

After many many attempts and driving these different techniques down to a handful of tried and trusted ways to find a puncture in my hot tub. i have now made these techniques here available on the layZrepair website for help and support my valued inflatable hot tub repair kit customers customers .

I do hope you find the layZrepair techniques help you to make a great repair to your inflatable hot tub. 

Where to Look

I will say where to look first. there are many many variations and standards of inflatable hot tubs. also also many variations of how we store, use and dare i say? abuse our inflatable hot tubs. But there are some areas on your inflatable hot tub to check for punctures. 

Visually check every part of your hot tub for any scratched. scrapes, tears or change to the shape 

Check obvious area that are open for damage. are there parts of the hot tub rubbing against rough surfaces, like brick walls. do you have pets, pets can jump up onto your inflatable hot tub causing punctures to the top of the hot tub, so visually check these areas for punctures. 


Ok. so sound, using your ears to listen for the dreaded air leak in your inflatable hot tub. if you can hear the air leak first this can save time and alot of effort. so inflate your hot tub, then stand the hot tub up onto its side and position yourself between a hard structure like a wall or a very quite area, this will help you hear the air leak more easily with no other back ground noise. If your inflatable hot tub is taking over 24 hours to become deflated then there would normally only be on or 2 very small punctures.


This is a great way to find small air leaks in your hot tub. with your hot tub fully inflated. wet the backs of your arms and hands, then feel for any air blowing onto these areas of your skin. sounds mad, but trust me. the slightest smallest air flow , you will feel. 

I use all these to find a puncture in my Hot Tub, then i use the LayZrepair inflatable hot tub repair kit for a super strong waterproof and durable repair. 


Ok, so now if you have got this far with not finding any punctures in your inflatable hot tub. Then time to get the washing up liquid to the ready. fill a bucket with soapy water and load a sponge with this soapy water. slowly cover your inflatable hot tub with this solution, Visually look out for bubbles. using this method will also make the sound of any air leaks in your hot tub more louder. 

For the next step on using the home repair kit. please click here. 

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  1. Great information for finding my puncture in my LayZspa. i puchased the white patch inflatable repair kit. all perfect. I have tried others this one works.

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