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Inflatable Hot Tub Servicing

professional inflatable hot tub servicing for Doncaster and across the UK.

Drop off Service Booking

Inflatable Hot Tub Servicing from £45

Inflatable hot tub servicing is essential for keeping your running costs as low as possible.

£5 OFF with any puncture repair kit purchase

Purchase any hot tub repair kit with your hot tub repair or service and receive £5 off the total cost.

Collection service is for air jet models of inflatable hot tubs, if you have an internal motor built into your hot tubs main body, you will receive instruction on how to remove the motor ready for collection.

Your hot tub motor must be packaged no larger than 65x65x65cm, your motor will be returned after your service or repair within the packaging you provide.

After purchase of the collection service. your confirmation and instructions will be sent through email within 48 hours.

Add any puncture repair kit to your collection service and save £5 off your final service or repair bill.

Inflatable Hot Tub Servicing

Is your hot tub taking forever to heat up and having trouble with Small water leaks? how about a noisy water pump? if your answer is yes to any of these questions? then our supper affordable inflatable hot tub servicing will get your hot tub running as new again. simply post us your unit and we send it back supper fast after it has been fully checked and serviced.  with rising costs on our energy bills. our inflatable hot tub servicing is essential to keeping your hot tub running as efficient as it can be. 

Included with our amazing deal is a full strip down of your hot tub heater and pump unit. your heater element will have a full inspection down to bare bones so we can see inside. same with your water filtration pump unit.

All water filtration seal replacements are included, and heater elements if required are charged for.  

It is a no brainer to service your hot tub on a regular basis same as we do with our vehicles. our boilers and so on. we all know that neglect can lead to higher costs further along. and higher electric bills are not what we all want. 

After your service is complete. you will receive a full report of any concerns. and images if required. however. a regularly serviced hot tub from new. is always the best plan. 

Book your service today. 

Air jet servicing from £55

Hydro jet servicing from £65

Any advisories will be included with your service.

Home Repair Kits

LayZrepair offer our amazing hot tub home repair kits here on our website. If your punctured hot tub liner is too large to send to us then our home repair kit is very highly recommended,  easy to use at home and get professional results. 

The Home repair kit can be purchased on its own or with durable PVC patches that can be cut to size in various colours.

We offer full support for customers using the home repair kit. and subscribe to the LayZrepair youtube channel for tips on repairing your inflatable hot tub at home. 

Order your home rerpair kits before 1pm for next day delivery.