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Fix Cleverspa not heating Up. Replacement Element


Fix Cleverspa not heating Up


CleverSpa Heater – 1800W

If you have a CleverSpa that is not heating up. or Tripping your RCD when you power on the heat function? then this part could fix these issues you are experiencing.

The CleverSpa hot tub will not display any error codes when experiencing a faulty heating element; it will simply fail to raise the temperature of the hot tub’s water. Typically, the heat should increase by around 1 degree per hour. With a replacement CleverSpa heating element, you can easily resolve the non-heating issue with your CleverSpa hot tub. After purchase, you’ll also have access to full remote assistance if needed. The replacement CleverSpa heating element includes comprehensive instructions and a step-by-step video guide on how to install the heater into your hot tub.

The element comes with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind. also comes with full help and support to assist you with installing your replacement clever spa heating element.

Tools required is a phillips screwdriver and a set of pliers.

This heater is to be mounted inside the engine block of your inflatable spa.
It has the advantage of having a double resistance, which increases its reliability and efficiency.

Dimensions and power :

  • Power : 1800W
  • Volts : 230V
  • Length : 133.50 mm
  • Diameter : 57 mm

Please contact me for any queries about the cleverspa replacement heating element.


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