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Intex Challenger K2 Repair Kit


Intex Challenger K2 Repair Kit.

with x2 10x15cm PVC Patch (grey and yellow) 30ml.


Intex Chalenger K2 Repair Kit.

with x2 10x15cm PVC Patch (grey and green) 30ml.

Suitable for Vinyl and PVC inflatable kayaks.  

A professional home inflatable Intex challenger K2 Repair Kit with grey and green PVC patch, perfect for all inflatable Kayaks hot tubs, spas, pools, inflatable toys, inflatable beds, and even Bouncy Castles.

Intex challenger K2 Repair

This is the number one solution for repairing your Intex challenger K2 Kayak, pools, spas and Bouncy castles, this professional 2 part adhesive is super strong, fully waterproof,   easy to use.  and durable. Using this system is super fast and reliable with every Inflatable kayak, bouncy castle, pool or hot tub repair.

Finding a Puncture.

Full instructions are included on how to locate a puncture, and step by step on repairing your puncture or rip

Check out the LayZrepair Youtube channel, there you can find amazing help videos, on repairing your hot tub. Even if you do not require a repair right at this time. it is always best to have this product at hand, you never know when you will need a fast repair.

Dealing with Manufacturers.

We all know after purchasing any inflatable hot tub, when you require assistance with help on punctures for your liner. help can be very hard to find. LayZrepair, not only have a great product. we have great platforms to help you to get your inflatable hot tub back up and running in no time.

This super strong and waterproof, 2 part yellow and grey inflatable  Intex challenger K2 Kit, is the very best you can purchase online, we offer full support and easy to follow instructions and videos on our popular youtube channel. Using our colour matched durable repair patches means that you are not devaluing your inflatable Intex Explorer K2 Kit.


No one wishes to dispose of any items today into landfill.  All inflatable kayaks are NONE RECYCLABLE, so it is a no brainer to repair and re use. and this LayZrepair Intex Explorer K2 Kit ensures your can keep on using your inflatable kayak.

Purchase with confidence. LayZrepair, Intex Challenger K2 Kit.

Please contact us, if you require more information for this item.

Intex Challenger K2 Repair


  • Punctures
  • Tears and Rips
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Permanent repairs

This product is not produced by Intex. Colours as a close match as possible.


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