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Puncture Repair kit for Lay-Z-spa Santorini Inflatable Hot Tub


Hot Tub Repair kit Dark Grey and White.


Introducing the Dark Grey and Blue Inflatable Hot Tub Repair Kit, a puncture repair kit for Lay-Z-Spa owners. This kit includes two PVC patches in blue and grey, each measuring 10x15cm, and a 30ml adhesive. It’s designed to repair up to 6 small punctures or 2 large rips or tears, making it suitable for both vinyl and PVC hot tubs and inflatables.

Our professional home inflatable hot tub repair kit features white and grey PVC patches, ideal for all inflatable hot tubs, spas, pools, toys, beds, and even Bouncy Castles.

LayZrepair presents the Blue and Dark Grey hot tub repair kit—the ultimate solution for repairing hot tubs, pools, spas, and Bouncy Castles. This professional 2-part adhesive is super strong, fully waterproof, easy to use, and durable, ensuring quick, reliable repairs for every bouncy castle, pool, or hot tub.

Locating a puncture is easy with our included instructions, providing step-by-step guidance on repairing punctures or rips.

Explore our LayZrepair YouTube channel for helpful videos on hot tub repairs. Even if you don’t need a repair now, it’s wise to keep this puncture repair kit for Lay-Z-Spa on hand—you never know when you’ll need a fast fix.

When dealing with manufacturers after buying an inflatable hot tub, finding help for liner punctures can be a challenge. LayZrepair not only offers a great product but also provides platforms to help you get your inflatable hot tub running again quickly.

Help and support.

Our super-strong, waterproof 2-part inflatable hot tub repair kit is the best online choice. We offer full support, clear instructions, and videos on our popular YouTube channel. Using our color-matched durable repair patches maintains your inflatable hot tub’s value.

In today’s eco-conscious world, no one wants to contribute to landfills. Since inflatable hot tubs aren’t recyclable, repairing and reusing them is responsible. LayZrepair’s Dark Grey and White inflatable hot tub repair kit allows you to use your hot tub responsibly.

Purchase with confidence from LayZrepair, your trusted source for hot tub repair kits. For more info about this item, please contact us.

Inflatable Hot Tub Repair.


  • Punctures.
  • Tears and Rips.
  • Fully Waterproof.
  • Permanent Repairs.


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